Hello. My Veneers Are On Coming To Their End. Could I Get Dentures Instead? Would This Be A Better Solution?

Hello Dr Hughes. I’ve had veneers for over 8 years now and my dentist said they are coming to the end. They are on the top, my bottom ones are still real.

To be honest, I regret getting these veneers. Several have come off over the years, which has been distressing. I don’t want to have to spend so much money to replace them. I want to know if there is a cheaper alternative to replacing the veneers?

Dentures? Or something like that. Can I get false teeth to just sit on top of the old ones? I don’t mind if I have to take them out to eat. There is still some of the original enamel on all my top set of teeth, from where it was filed down to fit the veneers. Thanks.

Hello. The best option for you is to have them replaced – this is the most conservative option. Dentures would require the extraction of all these teeth and the very last thing you should do in my opinion. Make sure you get a very skilled and experienced cosmetic dentist who has a vast portfolio of veneer cases and understand the management of the bite extremely well. Regards, Dr Hughes.
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