Hello, I Have A Big Fear Of The Dentists, But I Have To Go. What Are My Options?

Hello, I have a really huge fear of the dentist as of bad experiences with them when I was younger and I have extremely bad anxiety and panic attacks. I have had a big filing fall out which has caused a big section of my tooth to come out and I can’t eat or sleep properly due to the pain, I have my first appointment with a dentist on Tuesday but I’m really terrified. Is it possible for you to tell me if you know whether I can be put asleep for treatment before treatment or something along those lines? Where would treatment like this be available to me? Please reply as this is urgent and really very scared. Thank you for your time.
Hello, many patients come to me with this question. It sounds like sedation will work well for you as this will help you relax during the treatment offered. I’d say, it’s best for you to search for your nearest clinic that can offer this type of treatment. I hope this solution works for you.
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