Half Of My Filling Fell Out, Do I Need An Extraction?

Hi. I had a root canal on one of my molars a while ago and half of the filling fell out whilst eating. I went to my dentist and she took the rest of it out and put a temporary white filling in and said I’d need an extraction. She wasn’t very nice and didn’t mention anything else and never got back to me when I called. That was a few months ago and now the temporary filling has fully eroded away so I have a big gap in my tooth. The ‘inside’ of the tooth is black and yellow and pretty gross, which I’m concerned about. It is not causing me any pain at all. I was wondering, by the sounds of this, is there any other treatment possible instead of an extraction? I’m only 17 and really do not want an extraction.
Thank you for reading I hope you can reply.
I can’t really tell if it needs removal but it does sound like its on its last legs. Perhaps find another dentist to get an x-ray and 2nd opinion? This would probably be the best solution for you, seek the help you need swiftly.
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