Could I Have A Regular NHS Dentist For My General Check-Ups And Go Private For Veneers?

Hi there – I’m not currently a private or registered NHS patient. I’m looking to have my top front teeth either straightened or taken out and veneers put in. I also need a filling or two. My question is, is it best to register somewhere else as an NHS patient regarding fillings & then have the veneers done separately to save on cost? On the top front teeth I have a front one and an incisor which cross over slightly and the front tooth is shortened and chipped. Thanks.
Hello. Any elective cosmetic treatment you wish to have is not available on the NHS as it primarily for health and not cosmetics. So yes you could consider having your basic general dentistry done on the NHS and elect to choose whichever cosmetic dentist you think will get the best results for you as a private patient. Note: tooth coloured aesthetic restorations are not available for back teeth on the NHS. I hope this answers your question. Regards, Mark.
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