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Where Can I Get Cheap Veneers And How Much Would They Cost?

Wednesday, March 27th, 2013

Hi, how would I go about working out how much it would be for a full set of Veneers? And what would be the cheapest option? Would the best option be to book for a consultation and speak to someone directly? I think it would probably be but just wanted your opinion on it. My teeth are okay but I really want a really nice smile, the problem really as well is that I currently have a twist in my front top teeth which I would like sorting as well. If you could explain to me how I would go about sorting this out as well then that would be ace. Many thanks.

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I hate my discoloured teeth, what can I do?

Wednesday, March 20th, 2013

Hello, at the age of four i tripped and shattered some of my milk teeth. The fall severely damaged and injured my gums. This led to my new teeth growing pitted and damaged. I am now twenty-one and my adult teeth are hideous. They are all pitted and stained and cause bouts of sensitivity. I have previously tried home stain removal kits, whitening kits and have also had temporary fillers put on them in the past and these just seem to chip off.
Am i able to get help in funding for veneers on eight teeth (four top, four bottom)?
I am currently a full-time student at university so cannot afford to pay for private dental work. I am also due to get married next year and just want to be able to smile.
Thank you

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Can I Afford Veneers On Benefits Or Can I Get Them Done On The NHS?

Monday, January 7th, 2013

Hello, just a quick question i live in leicester in the united kingdom and i would like to have twelve teeth done with vaneers, i’m on benefits and I was just wondering how much it would be on the nhs for this? Or how much it would be per a tooth on the NHS? I’m very embarrased by how my teeth look as they grown through discoloured and I have tried loads of tooth paste, the teeth whitening kit and also went to have them whiten professionally but they said there is nothing more they can do only thing that will improve my teeth is vaneers or crowns. I look forward to hearing your response, thank you.

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