Can You Tell Me Who In London Has The Most Expertise Using Cerec? I Have A Tooth That Requires A Crown But Would Prefer Cerec.

Hi Mark. Can you tell me who in London has the most expertise in Cerec fillings? I have heard mixed reports on how
successful it is as a treatment. I have heard the life of such a treatment is not great and that the finish can be imperfect. I have a tooth which requires a crown but would prefer a Cerec filling if it was comparable. I need a dentist with plenty of experience with the product. I live in London and would prefer to be seen there if possible. Many thanks, I hope you can help me with this.
Hi. I would look up the net to see who can provide you with this – if the tooth needs a crown then a Cerec ‘filling’ would not suffice it would need to be a Cerec crown also. I am not a fan as I believe hand made dental crowns are still a superior offering in most cases. In the right circumstances and in the right hands it is good treatment however. I do not know of any Cerec dentists personally in London but in St Albans I’d recommend Julian Caplan. I hope this helps you decide. Best wishes, Mark.
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