Can You Suggest Appropriate Methods To Replace Missing Teeth Which Might Be More Secure Than Those I Currently Use?

I am 41 years old, non;smoker, general good health. My teeth are fine but owing to a 15 year gap in visits to the dentist I (according to an X-ray image), I now have advanced gum disease which will not respond to treatment, at least at a non specialist level. Consequently the rear molar on either side of the lower jaw has been removed and according to my dentist this now leaves my bottom teeth in a stable state. However 2 front teeth on the upper jaw have also been removed
and the 3 behind the right canine
also have infection beneath them and thus are scheduled for removal in near future. I already have a small denture for the missing front teeth but this has to be removed in order to eat any but the softest foods. If all these teeth are removed is any infection
likely to be contained? Can you suggest appropriate methods to replace missing teeth which might
be more secure than those I currently use?
Hello. It sounds like implants will be your only option but you might find the cost difficult as it may work out around £2000 per tooth. You could consider a better denture such as a chrome based one, these tend to feel more secure but should only be made once everything is stable and no further teeth require removal. Best wishes, Dr Andrew Moore.
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