Can my broken tooth be saved?

My upper back tooth, the one just in front of my wisdom tooth has had fillings, then a root canal. A year after the root canal the front wall of the tooth (just below the gum line)broke away. The back and side walls of the tooth were still fine. My dentist suggested a crown. After working on the tooth for a while he stopped due to my gum bleeding too much. I now have a tempory material over the portion of the tooth that is left and I need to return so he can take another look at it! Do you think the tooth can be saved? If the dentist decides its not possible to fit a crown is there anything left that can be done to save the tooth? Thank you for your time doctor
In principal some bleeding can be controlled by retraction cord or surgical removal of the excess gum. Sometimes a good temporary crown can akao help to reshape the gum . If all this fails it maybe better to remove the tooth and conside replacement options like a bridge or a dental implant.
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