Why Is My Tooth So Sharp?

Hello Dr Hughes,
I have a question to ask you about one of my bottom teeth and I hope you can help me. Over the past couple of months it has been very sharp and cuts my tongue whenever I slide it across my bottom teeth. The dentist I regularly go to has filed it down to give it a smoother feel, but the sharpness is still constantly there. I also got tooth bonding done after it was filed, and the sharpness is still there. What do you suggest this could be, and what would I be able to do to get rid of this sharpness on my tooth? Thank you for your time.                                                          
I hope you can help me.

Hello, thank you for contacting me. It may need to be smoothed some more – why not try a second opinion? You could try visiting another dentist to see if they have alternative methods of smoothing down the tooth. Good luck, Mark. 
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