Where Can I Have Waterlase MD Gum Treatment?

Hi, I wondered if you could advise me on something? I have dark gums due to smoking cigars for a long time! I would like to get waterlase MD to make them look pink and health once more. Can you please tell me if you do this or where in the UK I can get the procedure done. I have tried several places in Harley street and all over London, and some of the dentists haven’t even heard of the procedure of gum de-pigmentation. The US offers it everywhere. I also wondered if you could please let me know about teeth bleaching too? Do you think this could improve the appearance of my gums or will it only make them look worse? I’d like to know what sort of whitening treatments are the most effective. Thank you for the help in advance, regards. 
Hi, thanks for your question. It is a very uncommon procedure currently in the UK so I cannot advise you on anywhere at the moment. For tooth bleaching you should come for a consultation to discuss your options and to assess your suitability for the procedures. We recommend the Enlighten system. I hope this helps, regards, Mark. 
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