What Toothpaste Should I Use For Taking Care Of My New Veneers?


I have just had porcelain veneers fitted and wanted to know what is the best toothpaste to use that won’t scratch or dull the surface?

I have only just recently had them fitted, about a week ago. I would like to keep them for as long as possible because they did cost me a lot of money. Unfortunately, I forgot to discuss with my dentist which toothpaste would be good for keeping them clean. I know a lot of toothpastes on today’s market are quite abrasive to actual teeth, never mind on veneers. Are there any toothpastes available that are especially designed to work on veneers for example? I don’t mind how much the toothpaste costs, it would be ideal if there was one available that would help my veneers last longer, maybe have a protective coating for example? Any suggestions would be great. Thank you for any advice in advance, kind regards. 

Hello, thank you for your question. Please ensure that you use any non abrasive toothpaste ideally with Flouoride. I hope this helps, regards, Mark. 
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