What can I do about fallen out filling until I can see dentist?

Q. A large filling fell out. I cannot get to the dentist until Monday (today is Friday). What can I do until then? I don’t feel any pain, just some slight discomfort. Thanks,
A. If you can go to a chemist who may have some temporary filling material that you can use to fill the hole until you can see your dentist
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  1. Laura says:

    i was brushin my teeth and filling came out cant chew what should i do the back of my tooth has a crack in it

  2. Andrew says:

    See your dentist who will be able to restore your tooth

  3. Berta says:

    Part of my left front tooth as decayed an and has fallen out. leaving me looking horrible. what can i do to hide this while i wait for the dentist????

  4. Chinmay says:

    Hi Berta, uou could try some temporary filling, boots do a good kit you could try

  5. Jerome says:

    Hi, I have a large temporary filling in one of my back teeth that needs replacing as I bit down hard on it and it now hurts. My dentist is reluctant the do anything about it as I am breastfeeding my baby, and said that I shouldn’t have the anesthetic, but I have heard that other nursing mothers do.Would this be something that you would recommend/do as I’m in quite a lotof pain and taking pain killers to help. I have a prescription of anti-biotics to take if it really flares up, but would really rather have one doseof anesthetic than a weeks worth of anti-biotics and pain killers. Also howmuch would this cost? He said it may require having a half crown instead of filling. Many thanks

  6. Liana says:


  7. Cierra says:

    I have 6 mercury silver/black fillings since i was a young child im 32 andwould like them replacing with white safe filling. What is a cost for thistreatment per tooth or for 6 teeth?

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