What Are The Differences Between Social 6 and Fast Braces?

Hi. I would like to know what’s the difference between Social 6 Lingual Braces and Fast Braces Other than where they are placed (back vs. front of the teeth)? I have some overcrowding at the top and the bottom and my front teeth stick out a little. Would either of these two treatments correct these problems? Thanks.
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It is important to first note that for a ‘perfect’ result, conventional fixed orthodontics (which can be on the inside or outside of your teeth), carried out by a specialist, is the only option. This is the only way we can 100% control all of the movements of your teeth.
Short term orthodontic options are fantastic when used in specific cases, so comprehensive evaluation of your bite and tooth positioning is of vital importance prior to deciding on a treatment option.
Crowding of the teeth is, in the majority of cases, caused by a narrowing of the dental arch or a mismatch in the size of the teeth and the size of the jaws. Most short term orthodontic options treat only the front six (in the case of social six) to eight teeth, this can allow for the creation of minimal extra space by very slightly widening the dental arch. The majority of the space for the teeth to be aligned is created by interproximal reduction (which is minimal reduction of the width of the teeth to allow more of them to fit into the arch). In the cases of mild crowding these options can give a very satisfactory result.

Full arch orthodontic treatment is a more comprehensive treatment and allows for expansion of the full arch width, so less need for interproximal reduction (which we like to keep to a minimum). There are cosmetic options for full arch treatment also, such as Incognito lingual braces, Damon lingual braces and Invisalign.

I hope this has helped. Mark.

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