What are my options concerning jaw alignment surgery?

When i was 17 my dentist at the time told me i needed to have surgery on my bottom jaw it is in front of my top one I thought about this alot and had wanted to have it done but by the time i had managed to reach my dentist i was already 18 and he told me i was then unable to get it done for free since then i have asked my current dentist about this and he has said the same is this true please can you try and help me because i am now 20 years old and i would like to have this sorted as it has now started to cause me pain and i am not happy with the way i look
In order to really determine what treatment you need to correct your jaw alignment you would need to book in with an Orthodontist to have a thorough examination. They would be able to give you the best options based on proper diagnosis. You may need to pay for the orthodontic consultation privately but they may offer finance options to make the treatment available.
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