Should I worry about having jaw surgery after braces treatment?

I have braces now and was told my jaws don’t match up and my best option would be to have jaw surgery after 9-12 months of braces. I also have TMJ which they said could be due to my jaws not matching. I put a lot of pressure on my back teeth when I bite and even brushing. I am really not so sure about the jaw surgery. I met with the surgeon and she talked about cutting my top jaw into three parts and expanding it then cutting my bottom jaw at the back of both sides and bringing it out some. I am 33 years old, am I too old to have some sort of spacers to widen my top jaw instead of jaw surgery? Is there any other alternative to jaw surgery for widening?
Due to the complexity of your situaiton it would be impossible to answer your questions without an examination in person. It could maybe be possibloe to achieve a somewhat compromised result with just the braces? I would go and ask for a second opinion from another specialist orthodontist
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