Should I Get An Implant To Replace My Missing Crown?

Hello, my upper left front tooth is crowned, has been for the past 7 years, i recently have had root canal on it, and in between the procedures the crown fell off as the Stump was drilled away in the procedure, I have been given a temporary post, with the intention to of having a perm post installed as my tooth below the gum line is in good condition and in tact, the issue is, that the two teeth on my lower jaw directly below the are slightly overlapped ( even though i had braces as a kid, so they must have slipped back)
This overlap is hitting the back of the crown when i bite, thus making the tooth a little loose,
I need to see what my options are as my dentist is going down the post route, where as i am wondering whether an implant would be a better option? or because of the overlap on the bottom teeth, i would need to get this addressed first? and still go with the post option.
Thank you.
The overlap if the lower teeth could ideally be corrected before a new crown is made but its not essential. The new crown will be a more accurate git and should therefore not touch the lower teeth too heavily. An implant would be appropriate if the root is found to be inadequate for the placement of a post
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