My gums are black and tearing away from my tooth, what should I do?


A part of my gums have gone black and have teared away from my tooth. it is hanging on by a small part and bleeds whenever I touch it. It does not hurt but is very noticeable and annoying to say the least. The part that is black is numb and I sam thinking of cutting it to get rid of it as I am very conscious of this. I do have gum disease I know this and have not been to the dentist for many years and a few of my teeth have broken. I am finding it difficult to find the courage to go to a dentist because I am embarrased by the way I have neglected my teeth but I am geting to a point where I dont think I have much time left to correct or help the problem, I would very much like your opinnion on whst I should do next.

Many thanks 

Do not be embarassed…dentists are here to help you with all your dental concerns. Do not attempt to do any DIY dentistry as this will be possibly dangerous.
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