My Dentist Says My Twisted Root Needs To Be Seen By A Specialist, Should I Trust Him?

I have recently had two root canals started and am going back for the crowns within the next few weeks. I have another slightly problematic tooth that my dentist has told me the root is twisted and that I need to see a specialist for the root canal treatment or even potential extraction. This would be fine however I am intending to keep my teeth. I wanted you to tell explain to me, does a twisted root need to be worked on by a specialist or is the dentist trying to get more money out of me..? I am a little concerned that they are so would really appreciate a response. Thanks for your time and hope you can get back to me for my own peace of mind…


Dear sir,
The only thing twisted is the way your mind works. The dentist is referring you to a specialist who you will pay separately and not to the referring dentist.
For your peace of mind get a second opinion from another dentist as obviously you have trust issues with your existing dentist.
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