My 14 Year Old Daughter Needs Braces But Her Orthodontist Said This Wouldn’t Be Covered By The NHS. Should I Keep Trying?

Hi Dr Patel. My 14 year old daughter has gaps between her top front teeth. Her dentist suggested braces for her and referred her to an orthodontist. The orthodontist agreed that a brace would be beneficial however said that it wouldn’t be covered on the national health! We can’t afford the £2000 quoted but are now concerned as one of her teeth appears to be twisting. Is it worth going back and asking again whether it will now be covered on the national health? Thank you.
Hello and thank you for your enquiry. It’s worth a try or even getting referred to another orthodontist practice. As a private dentist I am not fully aware of the latest NHS regulations regarding treatment. I would need to see her in person to determine the appropriate form of treatment. You should keep trying until you’ve exhausted your options. If you have to pay, you may want to consider a payment plan to spread the cost. I hope this helps. Dr Riten Patel.
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