I’ve Been Considering Veneers For Ages Now. Would They Help Fix My Bucked Teeth?

Hello Dr Moore. I’m 19 years old and I have been considering veneers for ages now. My teeth are straight but a bit bucked, they have small gaps but have stopped growing. When I bite I can rub the bottom of my teeth with my jaw clenched as my top half has moulding round my thumb as I used to suck my thumb when I was little. I also have fangs on both the bottom and the top and I hate them. I just never smile. I just wanted to know what would the price be for 12 teeth as I would rather this than braces.


Hello, and thank you for your question. Unfortunately it doesn’t sound like veneers would work for you as they can’t stop them looking like they stick out, perhaps invisible braces might be better? You can find more information on invisible braces through this website. They would offer a more suitable long-term solution to your problem than veneers as you are still fairly young it’s best not to affect the enamel at your age. I hope this helps you decide which action to take in future. Thank you, Dr Andrew Moore.
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