I have broken teeth in my gums and now have an infection will salt water help

Q. I have got teeth broken in my gums for years. now they have started hurting me and when i swollow it hurts on roof of my mouth aswell.the problem is i have a relly bad phobia of dentists and all medication so i am worried if i leave my teeth and i have a abcess or infection is it dangerous for me .would salt water clear up a infection also if i did have a abcess would my face be swollen its not but does that mean i dont have a abcess.what do think i could do

A. Unfortunately salt water will not clear up an infection and it is likely that if the roots have been "broken" in the gums for years that they may well be infected.
It is essential now that you make an appointment at your local dentist for xrays to see the extent of any infection - they may be able to offer sedation techniques to remove the broken teeth which is especially beneficial to nervous patients


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  1. mui says:

    hi i broke my front permanent tooth above the gumline but its still intact just mobile. i dont want to have it extracted as i cant stand dentures and i box for a local club

  2. linda says:

    does pain always come with a absess

  3. Sam says:

    I recently had one of my lower tooth exacted from a dentist. In the process of removing the tooth the dentist was not able to remove one the roots from my gum. Should I visit another dentist to have it removed? Or will it be alright.

  4. Sam says:

    Clove oil and also camphor oil mixed in sesame oil has been known to strengthen the gums and highly beneficial for oral health.

    Swishing sesame oil in the mouth for 15 minutes not swallowing but spitting out at the end is beneficial to oral health.

  5. Ronaldo says:

    I have a broken tooth and part of it is gone (last – left – lower jaw). I would like to know the cost of a new filling (probably a big one)as I don’t want to wait fro 2-3 weeks until my NHS.. as it is a big cavity I don\’t want to be exposed to an infection or a more complicated situation.

  6. Dalton says:

    hi I just broke a large tooth (on a toffee) which is causing my tongue to swell etc. I have an event on Tues evening and really need tobe able to talk etc. A temporary solution is all I am looking for so please let me know asap if you can help! Many thanks!!!!

  7. Aidan says:

    hi there, my dentist recently broke one of my teeth at the front of my mouth on my lower jaw,unfortunately my tooth had to be removed. im currently annhs patient but am going to fund my own dental treatment. i would like this to be done as soon as possible as this has been distressing for me.couldyou please provide information on costs and how quickly i can get a bridgeafter having a tooth removed.

  8. Gael says:

    hiya, I will like to have my 2 crowns replace and whithen my teeth, i havehad the crowns for 7 years, and i can see some dark line on the gum where the crowns are placed, i dont like it. please how much will it cost for the2 new crowns, gum contouring, and whithening of teeth? pls reply asap thanks

  9. Evan says:

    sjocI have been told I don’t have enough bone to have implants and so have dentures. I really cannot get along with them so looking into bone grafting. Isthis possible and how much approximately would it cost.

  10. Ayana says:

    Hello, I am absolutely petrified of the dentist and I havent been for over15 years. My front tooth is now broken and I am in need of a number of fillings. My mouth is in a total mess and I’m really embarrased about it but Ido need to get it sorted out now that my front tooth is broken. Please canyou help me? Do you offer a payment plan for treatment?

  11. Adrian says:

    Hello, Please could you give me a brief description to what options are available for a broken front tooth? My daughter who is 10 juat had an accidenton a school trip and she broke one third of a front tooth. I would reallyappreciate your advice

  12. Eileen says:

    Hi, im 16 years old and i have a my two front teeth that ar a lot longer and stick out a lot more then the other teeth, it has really started to bother me and i ws wondering if you could perhaps help me. Please email me backand if i need to send a picture i will do. Thank you

  13. Jewel says:

    I was just wodering about my broken teeth. I have had a phobia for many year about dentists. Due to this and a lack of poor oral hygeine i hae let my Teeth get in a bad way. I have two on the top of my jaw which are broken but still hve partial tooth to the front. The bottom is another matter tho, i have 3 teeth that have broken and decayed so there are only small remains these all happen to be morlars. I also have a cracked tooth nearer the front. What would be the best option surgical wise? Thank you

  14. Ray says:

    Treatment under sedation to remove the broken teeth followed by the possibility of replacement teeth with a denture or implants

  15. Travis says:

    I had all my teeth removed aged 5, they small and decayed black. I think i had a calcium problem. My adult teeth came through but they to was very small. I’m aged 34 now. I have a gap in the bottom front, my 2 back bottom molars are broken down to the gum. My gums are quite small to. I feel the symmetry of my jaw/chin is off now due to the teeth my bite is obviously out of sink as well. What do you feel would be the best course of treatment?

  16. Ally says:

    if they are as bad as they sound you may need a full mouth rehabilitation with either dentures or crowns and bridges. If your bone is healthy could could also consider dental implants, either way you should seek advice from an experienced dentist.

  17. Stanley says:

    I had my upper left wisdom tooth extracted on Friday the 6th, and dissolvable stitches were put in place. The site was irritated, as was the side of my tongue, while the stitches were there. The stitches came out on their on on Thursday the 12. It is now Sunday the 15, and my gum is still showing dark pink lines along where the stitches were, and is painful when my tongue rubs on the area (which it does when speaking or eating). Is this anything to be concerned about? Is it infected? Thank you for your speedy reply!

  18. Lukas says:

    It’s a little bit early for it to be fully healed so may well still be tender to the touch. To be one the safe side I’d go back to your dentist and ask for it to be checked out and to make sure it’s healing properly and not infected Best wishes

  19. Ericka says:

    I had 6 implants and full upper denture 3 years ago . One year ago had had new type of implants put in an a new dentue made. It never fit well. I have just had a new denture made this week by another dentist and I have swelling between two of the implants and a very rotten smell when I take the denture out. This is my third set of denture in 3 years. Do you think I might have an infection in one of the implants. Thanks for your time and any help you can give me

  20. Marc says:

    If there is any swelling in the mouth with any associated smell then this is not normal and is normally a sign of infection. You should definitely have this checked out by a dentist as this needs to be taken care of, otherwise there is a risk that the implant could fail and become loose.

  21. Jacey says:

    15 years ago pain was started in my upper 2nd last teeth. I used some pain relieving tablets for relief. 2 years ago its upper internal portion partially broken in small pieces during the eating. I was happy because pain has totally removed. But some months ago bleeding started from mouth and its increasing day by day. Now I feels bad smell in mouth and yellowish fluid with blood coming from mouth specially in morning when i wake up. Please suggest me.

  22. Darrion says:

    you need to get a dental examination including x-rays to have these teeth assessed you may need root canal treatment, do not wait as these teeth could be infected and cause you severe pain.

  23. Brittney says:

    hi, my top left incisor beside my canine was giving me pain a couple of years ago and my dentist said it was infected and a root canal was the best treatment although she did not tell me it would be dead then start going black, can i get a new tooth on the nhs as i can not afford to get it fixed privatly? as it is now really affecting my confidence, i dont know what is the best way, is it an implant or a crown or something else. and by the way it still gives me pain sometimes,i look forward to your reply.

  24. Jovan says:

    You might be able to get a crown done on the NHS but an implant will need to be paid for privately

  25. Barrett says:

    my gum is covering my wisdon tooth i can see a lil bit of the tooth but not a whole lot what can i do to solve this problem thatnks and what are my risk if the gum goes compley ove the tooth ?

  26. Keagan says:

    It depends how old you are. If you are under 18 the tooth may still erupt into place. If you are over 21 this is considered and impacted tooth and unfortunately may need to be removed. Consult with your dentist

  27. Mandy says:

    I had a bone graft and eventually a dental implant fitted in 2007 on my upper front tooth. I have a tooth with a cap and a veneer next to it. I have had no problems with either tooth over the last few years. Last week I blew my nose and could feel a strange numb sort of feeling just beneath my nose and in my gum area. I have no pain or hot and cold sensitivity and eating is fine. I still have this feeling if I apply pressure to above my lip and beneath my nose. After all this time, could I be rejecting the implant or could it be something else?

  28. Mikel says:

    Sorry but it is impossible to answer this without examining your mouth and possibly taking a radiograph to look at the implant. I would recommend you see a dentist experienced in dental implants to investigate.

  29. Kolby says:

    hi my mouth is in a really bad way rotten teeth decay and yellow i am 44 and not seen a dentist in 15yrs. i have missing teeth and worn down to the gums, i am really embarrassed about them and and xcause me alot of stress, think i will need them all removing and replacing with some kind of treatment, i would appreciate very much if you could advice me on what steps to take next. I am also prepared to go overseas if neccessary for speedy cheap treatment

  30. Chelsey says:

    You might not need them all removing the generally aren’t as bad as most people image. However if you need implants my advice would be to try to have the treatment done in the uk and avoid going abroad. It may be cheaper but if something goes wrong it’s much harder to sort out if the treatment ha been carried out overseas

  31. elliott says:

    both of my top front teeth have been pushed
    back and broken at the gum-line but are
    still conected because i can move them
    back and forth with my tongue, is there any
    way they can be saved, plus one of them
    has a gold frame on it so if i was to get a
    denture could that gold be removed from
    my real tooth and somehow placed on denture.

  32. elliott says:

    both of my top front teeth have been pushed
    back and broken at the gum-line but are
    still connected because i can move them
    back and forth with my tongue, is there any
    way they can be saved, plus one of them
    has a gold frame on it so if i was to get a
    denture could that gold be removed from
    my real tooth and somehow placed on the denture.

  33. Sarat kumar kar says:

    Sir , In few days some salted water sweling from my teeath .so I worried plz it which disease advise me.

  34. nitya says:

    Yesterday I found that my teeth in the bottom row has a black hole in it. It is very painful I hv nt told my parents about it. Please help me what can I do. Please I am scared of dentists plzz suggest some remedies to minimise the activity of bacteria

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