I had a filling replaced with porcelain, and now it hurts? How long should this last for?

Q. I went to the dentist days ago. He did an exam and said that I had a little cavity in one of my silver fillings. He said “lets take care of the cavity, and we’ll also replace the filling with porcelin. I said ok. It’s been three days and my tooth is very sensitive to hot and cold and sometime just aches. How long can I expect this to go on for? It wasn’t even bothering me when I went for the exam, now I have problems. I’m sorry I let him do anything. I should have waited until it started to hurt….if it aint broke dont fix it. Can you tell me if it should still be hurting.,
A. if there was a cavity you would have been foolish to leave it as it would have started to hurt later but would have been a deeper and bigger filling. with regards to the sensitivity you need to know if the porcelain restoration has been placed or you have a temporary whilst it is being made. cerec porcelain restorations can be made the same day. the other question is whether you were given the choice of any other material as if the restoration is small then composite which is a white but cheaper material would be just as viable. if the restoration is deep then you can experiance some sensitivity which should settle. if you are in a temporary then some sensitivity is normal but if you are in a lot of pain then return to your dentist as in some cases the nerve within the tooth can die off and lead to infection
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