I Don’t Want A Silver Metal Crown, What Are My Other Options?

Hi I wondered if you could please help me? I’m having great difficulty getting the right information from my dentist.  Here’s my current scenario: I am an Unemployed NHS patient needing full crown treatment on my bottom molar. I have been advised that a metal crown is best for my particular situation but I really don’t want a big dark blob showing in all my photos. Is there a very light coloured metal crown that I can use that won’t darken to any extent over time so that its not too noticeable?? and how much is this type of treatment likely to charge me? I understand it’s more of a cosmetic treatment but I don’t want a dark one, they look awful and you can really see them when smiling. Thanks for your help in advance. Kind regards 
Hi, thank you for your question. The metal crowns don’t really come in different colours- just silver or yellow gold. It should be free on the NHS. I hope this helps, regards, Andrew. 
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