I am unhappy with the appearance of my new veneer, can I have it changed?

Hi there, I have had a lab made veneer on my front left tooth and I am unhappy with the way it looks because it looks bigger than the front right tooth, If if were to use a cerec dentist would they be able to make it look nice and symetrical, and how much roughly would I expect to pay for this service? I also have some black fillings that I might be interested in getting replaced with cerec fillings again how much would I be expected to pay for this?

Many thanks

Thank you for your questions

In order to answer your questions correctly I would need much more information, e.g. how big is the tooth next to the veneered tooth and how difficult the colour matching would be? In order to give you some really accurate and appropriate advice, you would need to come and be seen in person to evaluate your properly. Cerec may not be the best solution as to match a veneer with a real tooth is exceptionally difficult and really needs the skill and bespoke hand crafted work of a Master Ceramic dental technician.

The black fillings could certainly be replaced with Cerec but as above you will need a thorough examination first to assess them propery.

Please come and visit us in Harley Street for a full assessment or alternatively try to find an experienced cosmetic dentist in your area

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