I am receiving mixed information about dental sealants for children, what is you opinion?


We live outside but very near London. My daughter (8 years old) was recommended to have dental sealants in her 4 molars by our private English dentist. She had this procedure done at about 5 months ago.
When visiting our doctors abroad recently, they warned me about the dangers of dental sealants in children. They even suggested to remove them. My question would be if it is possible to remove those without damaging her teeth or making the whole issue worse.
Would you be able to do this (remove her sealants)?
Also, I wonder when is really the main danger: at the moment of placing the sealing or during the following time where the seal can be leaking in her mouth.
Thanks in advance for your precious help and advice.

Hi and thanks for your questions.

My advice would be that it is generally condsidered that dental fissure sealnats are an excellent form of preventative treatment for children, and sometimes adults too,especially if they are susceptible to cavities. Of course in the right hands and applied properly the treatment will work extremely well. The teeth need to be monitored regularly over time , to watch for signs of the sealant beginning to fail. often dental Xrays are taken to check for any possible cavities or leakage under the sealants. they can also be easily removed and repaired at any stage, either individually or all together.

Our dental therapists here in my practices all place dental sealants where indicated and I personally feel they are an excellent way to help avoid cavities in children. Having a balanced healthy diet, with low sugar content, cleaning the teeth and gums well and having regular dental check ups and hygienist professional cleaning are also very important in the prevention of tooth decay

I hope that helps put your mind at ease? I do not feel you should remove the sealants unless they have been poorly placed. I would be very happy to give you my opinion on then if you’d like to come to London for a consultation

Kind regards


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