I Am In Pain And Want All Of My Teeth Replaced With Dentures, How Much Might This Cost?


I’m looking maybe to get all my teeth pulled and replaced by permanent dentures. Obviously I need to goto a dentist and get more information but depending on the cost for a complete set either on the nhs or private will depend if I want to enquire about it. The price is really the issue. I need to know before I can commit to having any treatment done or agreeing to any. I know cost shouldn’t be an issue when it comes to my health but I can deal with the pain in my mouth, especially when dentistry experts like to charge a arm and leg for the smallest of procedures.

Can you give me a rough price to indicated what I may be looking at spending point all work that needs done?

The NHS will not cover the treatment unless it is medically necessary to remove all the teeth , it is unlikely any dentist will agree to do this privately . Costs will depend on how many teeth remain to be extracted as well as the type of denture so obtain quotes locally.
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