How Much Does It Cost For Me To Fix A Slight Overbite? I Would Find It Difficult To Fund Without Help.

Hi Dr Patel.

I have a slight overbite and would like to get this fixed. I have looked around how to get this done when I bumped into your website.

My question is: how much this will cost and if there is any possibility to get this covered by any insurance?

I noticed this problem when I started to get older but didn’t know if there was a procedure to get this fixed, but since I am an student who is not employed this is going to be difficult to fund on my own.

This procedure would give me self-esteem since as I am very conscious about my overbite problem.

Looking forward for your reply.


Hello and thank you for getting in touch. You could see if you are eligible for NHS treatment otherwise you would have to pay privately. The cost of braces depends on the amount of orthodontic correction required and differ from person to person. If you go for a consultation you can find out how much you will need to save. Alternatively you could ask your dentist to try to refer you to a dental hospital or find a practice which offers a payment scheme to spread the costs.
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