How can I correct my stained and chipped teeth?

I knocked out my two front teeth around 10 years ago when I was 11 years old. I have had braces fitted twice which alined the rest of my teeth however the front two are chipped due to my accident and one is shorter then the other, I would like a professional oppinion as to whether there is anything i can do to get my teeth looking ‘perfect’. I had to undergo procedures every 1-3 months for root treatment for around 2 years on the front teeth but during this time they began to disintergrate in the small gap that is now between them and have gone slightly darker. I have had my teeth whitened several times which does not seem to last long even though i have a healthy diet and do not smoke or drink things such as coffee or red wine as suggested by my dentist. Any suggestions are appreciated.

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It sounds like a combination of crowns and veneers will give you what you want. Seek out a local cosmetic dentist or call my clinic on 08443 87 87 88 we may be able to help
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