For my painful third molar should I get the tooth removed or get a crown?

Dear Respected Dr Safeer Butt,

I am in immense pain and was very lucky to come across your highly informative, very caring and educating article/ web page.

I am by no means a person who knows teeth or their issues. I am almost 45 years old , diabetic for 10+ years. and have taken just modest care of my teeth. But I was blessed with a simple dietary style and a good mother who breast fed me ( I have heard and believe that breast feeding does provide good teeth and good development of bones and muscles in mouth)

I go to doctors and dentists regularly, I get regular cleaning / scaling and dental exams, since I am a disabled person , I get basic dental coverage .
In June and July 2012 , I had lot of dental issues , dentist did procedure , fillings, but now ever since June I have unbearable sensitivity .

Now I am out , of my country, I am with no dental coverage, all of a sudden I am in unbearable pain, and I can clearly see that my third molar from upper right is aching, feeling broken, tender, in burning pain, and loose
What should I do, If I approach a dentist , here , while I am out of US , should I get the tooth out , should I get a crown, is there any thing that a very very proficient and concerned dental surgeon like you would advice. should I pass the time by using pain killers till I get back,

I would very anxiously wait for your help and feed back

Thanking You 

Hi ned,

Pain of the severity you are describing is likely a tooth needing root canal ,
Which can be made worse by flying .
You will have to see a dentist to see which tooth it is and depending on the cost decide if you want root canal or an extraction

Best wishes

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