Do Mercury fillings have a adverse effect on multiple sclerosis sufferers ?

Hello I have suffered with multiple sclerosis for some years now . I recently read an article saying that mercury can have adverse effects because I suffer with M.S.
How true is this? I have a real dental phobia and finding out this has made me worried.
I have just had a deep metal filling
should I be concerned or not because last time I had the metal filling removed and replaced with a white filling that’s why I am worried cause as i suffer already with MS i am scared this will make my MS worse. Is there any alternative fillings i can have that are completely safe or would i have to pay extra for non mercury fillings. 

There is no evidence suggesting mercury based fillings cause harm, however anecdotal evidence has suggested some people are sensitive to these fillings, I would seek advice from your consultant and if you’re worried replace the filling with a porcelain inlay , As this will not affect your MS.
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