Do I need proof that I suffer from dental nerve injury before I can begin a lawsuit against the NHS?

You could help me out with this. Do I need to get a diagnosis of dental nerve injury before i start my lawsuit. I have diagnosis of TMJD but I did not mention I had extractions as a child. So before I start my lawsuit for dental nerve damage, do I need a diagnosis, and can my doctor verify it.


Funnily enough i was thinking of suing the national health service for Because when I was 16 I had 4
permanent tooth removed without my mums consent, first I thought it
was 8 but now read that 4 of them could be impacted wisdom tooth, I
had tooth extractions and braces and it made my attractive face look
unattractive and my 4 wisdom teeth never came through and are hidden
underneath gums because of bad orthodontic work (braces). I have
dental Phobia now, and suspect I suffer from Trigeminal neuralgia
(dental nerve injury) and distress this has caused me is immense. I
went to City University in London (which is the best City University)
and was studying Business Computing but I dropped out because of
Depression. I could’ve done any Business that were of interest to me
and would’ve had the financial backing from my family. But now they
are supporting me because I have panic attacks even in Hospitals. I
have lost interest in many things because of Depression. before my
treatment I was attractive and had no psychiatric illnesses. I feel my
life has been turned upside-down.

I’m sorry to hear of your problems. I can’t really advise you but I guess you will need an expert opinion first.
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