Do I Need Braces?

I’m wondering if I need braces. I’ve had confidence issues with my teeth for a while now (as I also have a gap tooth which I wouldn’t mind closed up a little bit more but overall I’m okay with that now) and I feel like now would be the time to get braces, if I need them. I went for a consultation with an orthodontist and he said that I did not need braces as my teeth have a good bite, but my front teeth really do stick out. They aren’t crooked or anything but they protrude at about a 30 degrees angle, instead of growing straight down. Do you think I need braces? The orthodontist I went to said that if I were to get braces to fix this problem, I wouldn’t get the procedure on the NHS. Is this true? Would retainers help my situation at all (I like the idea of something you can take off, I’m not keen on wearing braces for 2+ years buy I’ll do it if necessary)? And if braces aren’t the answer what can I do to stop them protruding so much?

It is very difficult to exactly say what treatment is appropriate without examining your mouth. It does sound as if you would require teeth straightening i.e damon braces, conventional braces, invisable braces, etc.

If you look at my website, you can see examples of cases treated with protruding teeth.

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