Can Stem Cell Technology Be Used To Create New Teeth And Is This Treatment Now Available?

Hi Doctor, my canine tooth cracked while I was eating crisps after a temporary filling was done.
It was a small line at the side of the tooth and my dentist told me that I would need a crown and there is nothing that they could do. I have a crown now and it is not as long as my natural canine tooth, I was wondering if I could get a matching (longer) crown to replace it and if it would be suitable for canine teeth. Also I have the feeling that if I had said this and went to another dentist that my natural tooth and shape could have been saved. One more quick question as I am aware of stem cell technology, and wonder if stem cells can be taken from old dried up baby teeth? Or if you know the people growing new teeth and if they need volunteers, I’d like to try it.
A crown can be made to be almost identical to natural teeth both in size and shape. There may be (functional) reasons why your crown does not match the other side but equally so it may be able to be done again and look better? I’d seek out an examination and advice in person from an experienced cosmetic/restorative dentist.

Stem cells can be taken from baby teeth but not dried out ones. Only after they have been recently extracted and as long as the nerves are not dead.

We are still a long way off having new teeth made from stem cells and implanted into the mouth

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