Are There Any Better Brace Deals Than The One I Have Been Offered?


I’ve got some x-rays, impressions and a cast from a clinic based in London.

They offered me a ICE ceramic brace on my upper jaw.
the payment is £1147 on the 1st visit then £100 each adjustment time until the completion.

The clinic will need to receive £200 deposit 1.5 weeks prior to the brace fitting.

– Bite raising 1.5 week depending on how the teeth and bone react

– ICE ceramic brace on the upper jaw/outside.

-And activation (includes material replacement)  £100 will be payable on each visit for about 12 – 18 months, so the full course of treatment will be in the region of £2447.

The cost also includes the brace removal and retainer. But I want a gum contouring to.

Do you know if any clinics in London could offer me a better payment plan?
And can I get some dental insurance or a dental loan anywhere?

All the best.

If you can’t afford it , generally the advice is don’t have it done. If you want to pay peanuts don’t complain when you get monkeys
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