Am I In Trouble After My Root Canal Procedure?

I have just had a root-canal treatment done on my lower right molar. My dentist has made my molar tooth smooth but the upper and lower teeth do not touch each other now hence creating a little pressure on my premolar tooth (as they now easily touch each other). What should I do? And is capping necessary after root-canal? If I don’t will my filling break away?I am a non-vegetarian and I have a tooth missing near my treated tooth. This is causing me quite a bit of stress and confusion actually so I would appreciate any advice that you feel may be helpful.
Hello, thank you for your question, it is one that raises quite a potent issue over confusion regarding fillings and temporary fillings in relation to back teeth. I shall try to explain as clearly as I can. So, I am assuming the filling at the moment is temporary if not you need to see your dentist so they can build the tooth to the correct height. Back teeth should ideally be crowned or have an onlay to prevent the tooth from fracturing.
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