Am I at risk if I go to a salon for teeth whitening?

Hi, I’m getting married next year and would like to have a whiter smile. My teeth aren’t too badly stained, but I’d like to be a few shades lighter. Local salons in my area have various deals – i.e.£75 for laser treatment, whereas my dentist is closer to £400 for a tray that sits in your mouth and takes longer. Obviously, I want the treatment to be safe and not damage my teeth, but £75 is far more appealing when I have a wedding to save up for. Is there any way I can research a salon and any questions I should ask, especially regarding the chemicals used for the belaching agents and the qualifications of the staff? Also on a slightly different note, my fiance has calcium deposits in his front teeth and wants to know if whitening would remedy that or make it more obvious? Many Thanks.
The problem with salon whitening is that they are unable to assess problem teeth before starting and are unable to correct a problem if it occurs. Dentists tend to use Carbamine peroxide. One hour or Laser treatments need a higher concentration to be effective and I would avoid these as they will either be too weak to work or if strong enough require dental experience to avoid problems.
The calcium deposits should be cleaned before whitening.
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