Carlyle seals 450 million pound deal to create UK’s largest dental chain

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Private equity firm Carlyle has sealed a 450 million pound deal, which will create the UK’s largest dental chain.

Carlyle has completed the purchase of Integrated Dental Holdings (IDH) from the buy-out department of Bank of America Merrill Lynch. The firm will now merge with rival chain Associated Dental Practices, which is owned by Palamon Capital, to create Britain’s biggest  dental company.

The merger will mean the company has 450 practices in the UK. Currently, the two chains treat more than 3 million patients between them each year and they plan to expand now that the companies have merged. Richard Smith, who will be responsible for running the two companies, said that there were also plans to expand the product range.

The merger will enable the companies to work closely with the NHS to provide excellent standards of care for patients across the UK; Richard Smith revealed plans to provide services such as flu injections and minor surgery, as well as a comprehensive range of dental treatments.

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