“Tooth Fairy” Dentist Asks Children to Send Him Their Baby Teeth To Test Effect of Fluoride

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A Dentist in Victoria, Australia has asked for children and parents to send him baby teeth that have fallen out to aid in a new investigation looking into the effects fluoridation of water has made on children’s dental health.

Maurice White, based in Melbourne has asked specifically for baby molar teeth that have fallen out of children’s mouths in order to test any developmental faults on the tooth surface, as well as to test whether there is a difference between teeth in fluoridated parts of Australia compared to non-fluoridated parts.

Dr White, who hopes to collect at least 100 teeth to use in the project, has stated that the purpose of the test, as well as to test the effect of fluoridation is also to test other theories about the retention of food on teeth. Dr White believe that food left on teeth through not brushing or flossing correctly every day increases the risk of tooth decay.

The study aims to discover the truth of different policies for taking care of teeth and public policy and aims to find a way to grow and develop faultless teeth.



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