Da Vinci Veneers

Reviewed by: Dr Mark Hughes

Da Vinci veneers logoDa Vinci veneers are porcelain dental veneers that are fabricated in the Da Vinci laboratory in California. They are ultra-thin shells of tooth-coloured ceramic that are bonded over the front surface of your teeth in order to mask stains, close gaps or repair chips.

DaVinci Veneers is one of the most trusted brands of porcelain (ceramic) veneer, having been on the cosmetic dentistry market for more than 25 years.

Da Vinci veneers have been featured on ABC’s Extreme Makeover show and have gained popularity in the public eye.

Da Vinci veneers claim to be thinner than conventional veneers, as well as being highly resistant to permanent staining, requiring little to no anaesthesia during placement and having a natural appearance.

da vinci models

What happens during the Da Vinci veneer procedure?
In most cases, patients usually require three appointments for the entire procedure:

1. Diagnosis and treatment planning
2. Preparation
3. Bonding

Diagnosis and treatment planning: It's important that you take an active role in the planning of your smile design. Your dentist needs to understand your requirements and what you want from a smile. Your dentist may offer a digital smile preview so that you can see what your smile will look like prior to having the procedure. It is important that you understand the corrective limitations of the procedure.

Preparation of your teeth: This appointment will take a couple of hours. To prepare your teeth for Da Vinci veneers, your teeth are lightly buffed to remove about 0.5 millimetres of the tooth surface to allow for the small added thickness of the Da Vinci veneer. An impression of your teeth is then taken, which is sent off to a Da Vinci-certified lab in California for the fabrication of the veneers. This process takes about two weeks, during which you will be given temporary veneers to wear.

Bonding of your Da Vinci veneers: First, your dentist will place the veneers over your teeth to check their fit and colour match. Your dentist will show you how they look before they are bonded so that you can preview your new smile before your veneers are cemented in place. The colour of the Da Vinci veneers can still be adjusted with the shade of the cement to be used, if you or your dentist is not 100% happy with the colour.

Da Vinci veneers are often used in “Hollywood smile makeover” cases to create a flawless smile.