MAC Veneers

Reviewed by: Dr Mark Hughes

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  • Cost: £700 - £900 each
  • Treatment length: 2 to 4 weeks
  • Used for: crooked teeth, gaps, twisted teeth, stained teeth, smile makeovers
  • Available: From MAC veneer certified dentists only

What are MAC veneers

MAC Veneers are made by MicroDental Laboratories in Dublin, California utilising state-of-the-art pressed ceramic porcelain. The main advantages of pressed ceramic veneers such as MAC Veneers is that they are two to three times stronger than other dental veneers, they last longer and are thought to be much more resistant to staining than the standard feldspathic veneers.

MAC Veneers are the choice of celebrities

Numerous Hollywood celebrity smiles have been created using MAC veneers.

mac veneers after treatment before and after mac veneers
This case shows a smile makeover with MAC Veneers which was kindly donated by Dr Mark Hughes.

What is the difference between MAC Veneers and other pressed ceramic veneers?

The main difference between standard pressed ceramic veneers and MAC pressed ceramic veneers is that pressed ceramic usually doesn't have the beautiful aesthetics associated with feldspathic veneers. However, MAC Veneers combine the beauty of feldspathic veneers with the strength of pressed ceramic. The precision with which MAC veneers are made also gives them a better fit than other veneers.

Can any dentist use MAC Veneers?

Not all dentists can offer MAC veneers: only dentists that have been approved by the official MAC Veneers laboratory can offer this superior brand of veneer. There are a handful of dentists in the UK that currently offer MAC veneers.

Who makes MAC Veneers?

There are a handful of highly skilled technicians, known as ceramists, at Micro Dental Laboratories in Dublin California who ensure that each and every MAC veneer is created with attention to detail.

mac veneers smile makeover London before and after mac veneers smile makoever London
This case shows a smile makeover with MAC Veneers which was kindly donated by Dr Mark Hughes.

What Can MAC Veneers be used for?

Smile makeovers – MAC Veneers are the treatment of choice for many celebrity smile makeovers to give you that perfect, flawless Hollywood smile.

Stained teeth – MAC Veneers can be used to cover badly stained teeth that are beyond improvement through alternative methods such as seeing a hygienist or teeth whitening.

Damaged teeth – many people seek to improve the aesthetics of their smile when their teeth have become worn, damaged or chipped. MAC Veneers can be used to restore your smile to its former natural beauty. In some instances, when only a single tooth is damaged, a MAC veneer is ideal, as it will look as lifelike as your neighbouring teeth in terms of colour, shape and surface characteristics.

Gaps & crooked teeth – MAC Veneers are ideal for closing small spaces or gaps between you teeth, as well as giving a crooked smile a naturally aligned appearance if you do not want to go through several months of wearing braces.

How much do MAC Veneers cost?

MAC Veneers are more expensive than standard veneers. However, they will be 2-3 times stronger than feldspathic veneers and thus will be expected to last much longer. The price of your veneers will also depend on where you have your treatment and which dentist fits your veneers. Expect to pay more with a dentist that is highly experienced at working with MAC veneers and has a large portfolio of case studies.