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    Default Worst luck with dentists

    Ive had some really bad experiences with dentists in the past. My first dentist a Dr Jackson liked to remove teeth for the fun of it (at the age of 5) and it terrified me. As my teeth grew back one of my front teeth started to grow outwards and as a result i had low confidence and couldn't interact socially. At the age of 14 i went to an NHS dentist who fitted me with braces. I had them for 4 years, he seemed to be fixing them but at the age of 18 he just said he wasn't getting paid any more and thus just removed the brace and that was it. He left me with cement on my teeth and my tooth has come back out again. At the point i just gave in and stopped brushing. I only brushed them occassionally for 2 years and now the damage has been done. I'm so ashamed of them, i don't and as a result have lost most of my friends because i dont see them. At this time i am 20 and am just scared to go and see any dentist because i have no trust in them any more. They are slowly getting worse. Any advice

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    You need to find a dentist that you are comfortable with. Many dentists offer sedation for extremely nervous patients. I understand your concerns given your previous history, but if you leave your teeth with the serious conditions you have described your situation will only get worse

    I hope this helps

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