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    I have quite a few bad dental treatments over the years. I had gold teeth in or over molars that went bad then the teeth had to be extracted due to poor dental work, i have also had quite a few root canal jobs done but bthey nly done half the root so i have been told by my dentist. My dentist says to do the these teeth it would take a lot of money and a lot of time. My upper left gold tooth and ajoining tooth would be like opening a can of worms so my dentist has said. I would love to get all my teeth back to normalor given that holywood smile so if you have information on how to give me perfect teeth please letme know.

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    Dear nrg1200,

    you have lots of concerns and desires. All I can say to you is you would benefit from a full consultation. It's really difficult to give quality advice in certain circumstances without a consultation.

    All I would say is there is definitely something that can be done, that I guarantee.

    Quality dentistry is very far removed from NHS dentistry. That is not the dentists fault, just the politics and logistics of the situation

    I have recently seen a lady who was deemed hopeless but we have now developed a plan to completely re create her smile. Once we're done. it will be the first time she will smile in 25 years.
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    I really believe with dentistry you get what you pay for. I am now paying the price, both financially and in terms of discomfort from an NHS dentist. I know numerous people who won't go back due to the agony of his injections, and his surley manner if you dare to say ouch!. Sadly he is one of the few NHS dentist in the area and I feel dreadfully sorry especially for any children who are taken there, it would make them phobic for life.

    I complained like others I know to the company but got the standard letter that 5 other people got saying they would investigate and they had not had other complaints.

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