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    Default worried about my veneers after treatment

    Please help!
    I am writing this is the hope I may be able to get some advice before I see my dentist (appointment booked for next week).
    About 8 weeks ago I had porcelain veneers fitted to my front teeth. They have been fine til now, however I have noticed over the last few days, not a pain, but a sensation in my two front teeth almost like a faint pulse. I am terrified that this may be a bad sign in relation to the nerves in the teeth and that they might need further treatment ie root canals.
    In the worst case scenario if I did need RCT on these teeth would I need to have the veneers changed to crowns? And would I need to pay for this?
    Any advice would be really appreciated as I cant sleep for worrying about this.
    Thank you so much.

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    I am sure you have nothing to worry about, but my advice would be to consult your dentist as he will have
    1. your clinical history
    2. xrays
    3. will know what type of preparation he has done for the veneers.

    In the worst case scenario, if rct had to be done this can usually be done with veneers in place. But of course you should not worry about this untill a diagnosis has been made by your dentist.

    I hope this helps
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    Thanks very much for your response, I thought that any tooth that had been root canaled had to be crowned so thats interesting.
    I really hope things are ok.
    Sorry to be a pain but could I just ask, in a situation where root canals are done when the veneers are still on, are thee just accessed fron the back of the tooth? Also is it likely that the teeth would discolour?
    Can root canaled teeth last as long as other teeth?

    Thanks again

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