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    Default Lumineers to perfect my smile?

    The tooth between my top front tooth and my eye tooth is shorter than the other teeth and slightly crooked. I feel it ruins an otherwise straight smile and I have always felt self-conscious but about 10 years ago my dentist advised me to leave it alone.

    I have read recently about lumineers and the fact that they don't necessarily have to damage your original teeth. I wondered whether this might be an option for me? I would love to perfect my smile but have never known how this would be achievable short of having the tooth shaven down to fit a veneer which has always concerned me.

    Also what is the cost of a lumineer (approximately) and where in the South of England could I get this done?

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    It certainly may be possible. Remember that Lumineers are a brand and nothing more. I do not recommend no preparation as sticking to teeth which have not been prepared is extremely difficult. Also with no preparation, the cosmetic outcome can be restricted.

    Many of these no preparation veneers say that they can be no preparation as they are 0.3mm thick. I have made veneers 0.2mm thick, its not the materials, its the skill of dentist and technician.

    There are certain circumstances where these veneers work and others not. I would advise a full consultation with a reputable cosmetic dentist who understands these protocols and will be able to provide you with sound advice. Remember that if you dismiss the idea of preparing teeth (which when done well is extremely minimal anyway) you may inadvertantly limit your cosmetic outcome.

    Veneers when prepared well and bonded correctly actually increase the strength of teeth. I've had training all over the world for veneers and would not hesitate to put them on my teeth if I ever needed to.

    Again the most important point is skill of the dentist and skill of the technician. Get these wrong and it's a very different ball game!

    I hope this helps

    Kindest regards

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