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    Unhappy What to do about my teeth?

    Hi, I'm new here i have always had problems with my teeth since a young age and still hate them now! When i was younger i had braces for about 3 years to close a gap between my front teeth, i also had 2 teeth missing (i think they are called i - teeth, not too sure) so now have 2 bridges to replace them. I have very little enamel on my teeth through poor diet and medication taken when younger, now my teeth have no gaps and are straight but they are very discoloured and dull, i have tried home whitening kits but they have never worked. I am now visiting the dentist regularly but as i am unemployed i am being treated on the NHS and when i vist my dentist i am made to feel like they do not want to help me as much now because i am not paying, at the moment i have a hole in my back tooth but my dentist literally looks at my teeth for a matter of seconds and says they are fine. I have never been nervous about the dentist but this has now made me really unhappy about going.
    So my questions are what is the best thing to do to whiten and generally make my teeth look nicer?
    Also could anybody reccomend me a good dentist in the bexleyheath area of kent?

    Thanks for reading.
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    unfortunately, the two bridges will not be able to be lightened, your dentist should have advised you of this at the time this work was done
    Dr Nick Fahey BDS (NZ), MCLIN DENT PROS (London), FRACDS, MRD RCS (Edin) Pros, MFDS RCS (Eng)

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