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    Iam considering having some cosmetic dentistry done to my teeth but i dont know what to get done. I neglected my teeth when i was younger and i am a smoker. all my teeth are not as white as i would like them to be. Also i had 2 crowns on my top front 2 after a motorcycle accident. My bottom row of front teeth have started to errode away so bad that there is big gaps inbetween them which if left collect alot of debris. This i know sounds bad, but i often leave them for a week or so, i mean i brush them everyday now but not as hard as i want to because if i do then the gaps would be alot more obvious, but in turn, is making them bigger because there not propperly cleaned all the time.

    Basically, i want them fixed, ive got some extra money saved up and am getting sick or trying to hide my smile and be nervous around friends, and women.

    What will i need done and how much would it roughly cost? i would like them to be abit more white, and obivously the gaps in the front sorted to.

    Any help would be grateful.

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    wow, good question, however, you really need to see a good dentist to answer it. it is not really possible to do that with the information provided.
    good luck
    Dr Nick Fahey BDS (NZ), MCLIN DENT PROS (London), FRACDS, MRD RCS (Edin) Pros, MFDS RCS (Eng)

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    looks like you may have a lot going on there, i would say the dentist needs ti check if yiur gums are healthy, your teeth are healthy, if he/she can fill teh gaps with dental implants / bridges and then replace crowns and whiten your teeth.

    Nick is right without seeing your mouth it would be very hard to advise but it wont be cheap

    implants cost around 2000-3000 fully restored
    whitening 400 +
    crowns 600 + each for good quality crowns
    Bridges approx 600+ per unit
    Perio treatment - costs would depend on what treatment your need.

    My advice book an appointment with a good local dentist and get a full assessment and examination.

    Good luck and keep us posted with your progress!

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