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    hi im new to this website came across it when looking for info on dentures so hi everybody not sure what its all about but i think i must be one of the most nervous people at the dentist ever i would actually describe my self as TERRIFIED and have got worse as got older ! i am actually trying to find out if i can have a tooth added to my denture (i need another one out) booked in to hospital to have it out under general anesthetic , without having the mould and the gunge that makes you gag and makes me sick and i have panic attacks , what a mess does anyone know the answer regards jackie

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    Hi Jackie. I can certainly empathise with your concerns. If its the impressions you are concerned about you have a couple of options. Sedation will make the procedure comfortable for you alternatively acupuncture can be used. Acupuncture can totally get rid of the gag reflex in 9 out of 10 clients. From what I have read I would speak to your dentist about sedation.

    It may be possible to add the tooth onto your existing denture, again your dentist would be the best to advise as they know the condition of your existing denture

    Hope this helps
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    hi,i know how u feel,my name is dawn i,ve just had my top front right tooth removed,i,ve had a part denture put in as i also have two teeth missing at top left hand side.i,ve got to say its dreadful i also suffer from severe panic attacks,i feel so depressed about it i won,t go out of my house.

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    Dear Dawn,

    please look at the thread on dentures for my reply.

    Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require more information.

    Kind Regards,

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