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    Default I had meth mouth and fixed most of it but

    One of my moller teeth in the back broke and its all rotten, all black inside. I'm going to Thailand to get my teeth done cheap but I'm looking for something I can printout and show the dentist to help him deal with my situation. Like what is the best way to numb me enough to be able to get this rotten thing out of my mouth without feeling any pain which from my past visits is always there. I remember there is two types of pain deadener one dumbs the area and another only numbs the specific location and works allot better but I think I need some more information because the second stronger one wasn't having that much effect on this totally rotten moller tooth.

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    Your dentist in Thailand should know what would be the best anaesthetic to use. Please be aware that there is often very little regulation for dentists in some countries and if you are looking for the cheapest option you do so at your own risk. I sincerely hope you get someone who is good and able to deal with your needs

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