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    Default Inman Aligner for front four teeth overlaping

    Hi im interested in having the inman aligner but my front four teeth overlap and there isnt much room i wondered if u think i could have the ia.also to have the ia have u had to have braces as a child/teenager. Thanku

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    Hello, i had braces as a 13 year old for 2 years. They worked great but over time my teeth have just moved drastically. I have just had the inman fitted so can't really say either way wether to go for it. You can follow my blog though to watch my progress and see if your teeth are in a similar position to mine.
    I am new to this blog making thing but when i was indecided wether to have the IA or not i wish i could have read someones story.
    Let us know if you decide to go for it - i'd love to hear about others peoples progress too
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    hello it may be possible to have an IA- but if course you need to visit a certified IA dentist, and most will also be able to offer a range of other options too,
    No you certainly do not need to have had braces before
    Hope this helps

    Dr. Tif Qureshi.BDS

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