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    Default Inman aligner if front tooth sits on top of tooth either side

    I look through the problem galleries and cannot see anyone quite like me..one front tooth very prominent, sits on the teeth either side.
    I had orthodontics as a teenager with 4 teeth taken out, 2 at top and 2 at the bottom. Don't reallywant more out as all teeth very healthy. But I don't have any spare bone for the front tooth to move flat - the tooth would have to be heavily filed? I would love to have the Inman Aligner - Dr Qureshi is there any chance of seeing you at your practice or are your days filled with teaching?

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    Yes I do a lot of teaching, but I am still in my practice Monday to Wednesday pretty much every week.
    Remember there are plenty of very experienced Inman Aligner dentists around now, - just ask to see their portfolios

    Dr. Tif Qureshi.BDS

    UK Pioneer of the Inman Aligner.


    Straight-talks Seminars for an enlightened approach to Cosmetic Dentistry.

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